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Nominate a deserving teacher, educator, volunteer or administrative staffer in a Mid-Michigan school...Even a mentor is eligible - Each month someone YOU nominate wins:

The Golden Apple Trophy compliments of JNR Engraving, Mt Pleasant

A $75 Visa Gift Card compliments of the Mt. Pleasant Rotary Club

A Pizza Party from Papa Johns of Mt Pleasant

Flowers from Three Wishes Floral and Design, Mt Pleasant

Golf from the Fields Golf Course in Ithaca

Thank you to our sponsors of this program: Allied Hearing, Isabella Community Credit Union, Weichert Realtors-Broadway Realty and Mt. Pleasant Agency - Central Insurance

Congratulations to Kaye Peasley @ Clithing Inc, Mt Pleasant 

August 2020 CFX Golden Apple Award winner

Megan Laurel Partlo nominated Kaye Peasley from Clothing Inc - Clothing INC has a mission to provide FREE CLOTHING TO ANYONE IN NEED. All clothing donations are given away FREE to families and people in need.  Clothing INC has served over 19,259 people and gifted over 429,588 pieces of clothing. Clothing INC continues to serve the underprivileged and serve God through helping others. Clothing INC has changed the life of so many people and families and continues to make a difference in Mount Pleasant. 

Make your nomination HERE


August 2020 - Kaye Peasley at Clothing Inc

July 2020 - Lance Mayhew at Clare Primary School

June 2020 - Nikki Green at Alma Public Schools

May 2020 - Amy Hindbaugh-Marr at Ithaca South School

April 2020 - Anne Sprague at Beal City St Joseph the Worker School

March 2020 - Pam Case at Farwell High School

February 2020 - Kelsey Brewer at the Gratiot-Isabella RESD

January 2020 - Starr Lederer of Weidman Elementary School

December 2019 - Rick Fockler - Isabella County Foster Grandparent Program

November 2019 - Kelly Luplow, Clare High School

October 2019 - Jolene Aylon, Luce Road Elementary School, Alma

September 2019 - Veena Cole, Beal City Elementary School

August 2019 - Dan Bragg, MPHS Gi-Tech Center

July 2019 - Julie Maxon, Mt Pleasant Middle School

June 2019 - JB Gross, Shepherd Schools

May 2019 - Joshua Stutsman - Mt Pleasant High School

April 2019 - Heather Wolf - Shepherd High School

March 2019 - Megan Garner - Montabella Elementary

February 2019 - Joel Papenfuss - Mt Pleasant Renaissance School

January 2019 - Connie Woodbury - Mt Pleasant Kinney School


December 2018 -  Jen Courtright


November 2018 - Eric Beckman

October 2018 -  Stephanie Terpstra

September 2018 - Jill Albaugh

August 2018 - Kyle McKown

July 2018 - Nathan Granger

June 2018 - Mr. Villalobos

May2018 - Anna Gilbert

April 2018 - Kathy Wyman

March 2018- Paul Shimmons

February 2018 - Wendy Lemke

January 2018 - Deanna Yarger

December 2017 - Mary Anne Heller


November 2017- Margarat Dexter 


October 2017- Tammy Foltz 

September  2017- Jason Russell

August 2017- Steven Pritchard

July 2017- Amy Smith

June 2017 - Cay Marchiando

May 2017 - Andrew Wright

April 2017 - Emma Schafer

March 2017-  Shaun Balhorn

February 2017- Laura Wauldron

January 2017- Jeff Platte

December 2016- Sue Meier

November 2016- Diane Thomas 

October 2016- Rachel Biedenbender

September 2016- Charlotte Galgoci

August 2016- Mindy Wischmeyer

July 2016 -Travis Veit- Harrison Schools

 June 2016- Dan Pudell of Shepherd Schools

May 2016-Matthew Taton of Mt Pleasant High School

April 2016 Tina Stoelb of Montabella Schools and United by Faith 

March 2016 - Brian Sponsellor of Fancher Elementary

 February 2016 - Mrs. Katherine Bellinger of Mt. Pleasant Vowles Elementary

January 2016 - Ms. Cindi Gigowski- Beal City Schools

December 2015 - Dr. Bob Grover - Chippewa Hills Intermediate Schools

November 2015 - Ms. Kay Haas -  Mt. Pleasant High School

October 2015 - Kerrie Bendele - Shepherd Elementary

September 2015 - Mrs. Julie Christensen - Beal City Schools

August 2015- Mr. Greg Engel - Alma Middle School








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